Let’s get back to Work!

Blog April 22, 2020

Let’s get Back to Work!

My dining room got painted today.  Normally I would “stimulate the economy” by hiring someone, but I somehow found the time to do it myself.  I built shelves for a new linen closet. I took my dog to the park.   I planted more plants in the front of the house.  I wrote this blog.  All today.  I finished watching Tiger King a long time ago. I have been frozen in place “waiting.”  Waiting for what?  Waiting for the government to decide for us how we run our businesses?  How are they doing with that 99.1 billion they spent in 2019 accidentally sending out checks to the wrong people.  Oops!

By prolonging this recovery, we may cause lasting behaviors toward the role of the Government in our lives.  It scares me, and I don’t think I am paranoid.  “Don’t think” being the key words there. 

Let’s get a barber back in his shop!  No one is forced to go in. Just one tiny example.  Stand up for the right to operate our own businesses by ourselves!

I ran across some statistics I have been curious about for a while.  My question was “How many people who are under 65 and have no underlying health problems have died of Covid 19?”  I just couldn’t find anything on it.  I recently found a large study led by Stanford University that had many top researchers involved. It answers my question and the answer is:  about one half of one percent of deaths are in that category.  In the entire world 884 people have died who were under 65 and healthy.  Full study here: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.05.20054361v1.full.pdf

It’s probably just me but the mask wearers seem to have an “I’m a caring person” look on their face. I know it is anathema for the overly concerned crowd to say these things!  It makes me want to go over to the young couple who would be at Starbucks, but instead are at Home Depot with that western bandit look that is so popular these days.   I would like to say, “You look cute in those masks, but do you know that the odds of you dying from a disease (you almost certainly won’t get in the first place) are about 1 in 7,918,552.  And no, I am not going to show my work! That way you will have something to do after you finish Tiger King.

See you soon,