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July 14th, 2020

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At the beginning of the Covid outbreak (tired of typing the “19”) people would not feel well.  Then as they got a fever and bad cough or trouble breathing they would go to the Doctor.  The Doctor would diagnose Covid based on symptoms and that would count as a “new case.”

In the last 4 weeks, June 14 until today, to July 14 we have had 20 million tests.  Total tests since the beginning are 43 million. Cases have tripled.  The media loves it!  Remember that the CDC (you know, the experts that told us to not wear masks) concluded in their weekly report (June 26) that 10 times as many cases existed than have been discovered.  So that now means 35 million people may have had the virus.

So, when you bomb the population with tests, you get more cases.  But is anyone sick?  Yes.  But not 3 times more!  So, the only number we should follow is deaths and hospitalizations. Even then there is no uniform way of reporting these.

How many people actually got sick?  Gee whiz, call me old fashioned, but I thought having a “case of something” required a sick person.  Not now, just a positive test and you’re in!  But, but, but..I wasn’t ever sick!  Sorry! You’re a new case.  If the purpose of new cases is to plan for hospital space and equipment, what good is it to count healthy people?

Gee whiz, call me old fashioned, but I thought having a “case of something” required a sick person. 

That combined with the fact there is no agreed upon standard for what a “hospitalization” is.  A trip to the ER or overnight, etc.  Also, there is a lot of evidence that deaths are not counted right.  These articles below provide proof that deaths in nursing homes (almost half of all deaths) are being played with or subject to gross incompetence.

Excerpt: for you non-clickers

According to the CMS data, one nursing home in San Diego County reported more than 1,300 deaths, but when NBC 7 Investigates contacted the facility, one of its directors laughed at how inaccurate the information was. A director for Casa De Las Campanas said the facility doesn’t even house that many residents, and if the information was accurate their entire nursing home residency would have “died twice.” The facility has had no deaths from COVID-19 to date, according to the director.

The CMS reporting errors have even led the trade publication MedPage to call the surveillance system “insanely wrong” this week, following reports from nursing home facilities across the country. 

Nursing Homes Shocked at ‘Insanely Wrong’ CMS Data on COVID-19 One facility supposedly had eight coronavirus deaths for each bed.  by Cheryl Clark, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today June 9, 2020

Excerpt: When the administrator of the Saugus Rehab and Nursing Center in Saugus, Massachusetts, heard that a new Medicare website reported her facility had 794 confirmed cases of COVID-19 — the second highest in the country — and 281 cases among staff, she gasped.

Oh my God. Where are they getting those numbers from?” said Josephine Ajayi. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

Those weren’t the numbers that her facility reported to the CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network, under new rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), she said.

I had to add this comment from the above article: How there is even still a debate regarding whether coronavirus deaths are being inflated astounds me. Colorado (where I live) was literally CAUGHT in the act of inflating numbers (assigning all deaths in which the patient tested positive as a COVID-19 fatality even if the cause of death identified by the physician was something else entirely—for example—acute alcohol poisoning.)

It’s a mess.  So, without further comment (if you can believe that) I will post this week’s hospitalizations and deaths.



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