Mindful Money: How to Overcome the Number-One Enemy of Financial Success: Your Brain

Contrary to popular belief, the main predictor of investment success isn’t determined by your specific stock choices, or even the overall performance of the markets. Improving your investment returns isn’t about asset allocation tricks or shiny new investment ideas that promise to beat the market. Mindful Money takes a different approach from any investment book you’ve ever read, by focusing on the one item that’s 100% under your control for accumulating long-term wealth: changing your financial behaviors. Craig Verdi, CFP®, president and founder of Verdi Wealth Planning, dives into the details of:

  • How to avoid too-good-to-be-true strategies that cost you time and money
  • Where to find rock-solid investments that have stood the test of time
  • What you absolutely must demand from any investment advisor
  • Why new studies about the human brain can help create a wealth-building mindset
  • How a simple, proven formula can change your financial behaviors—forever

If you’re serious about building wealth and creating a secure future for you and your loved ones—it’s time to put your mind where your money is.

Editorial Reviews

Hear how my book has already helped people built wealth and secure their future!
“Mindfull Money should be on the top of every investor’s must-read list. Easy to understand and sprinkled with amusing (but very educational) anecdotes, the book provides an excellent primer around the basics of investing. Where is really shines though, is in exploring the subtle cognitive forces that shape investor behavior-often in adverse ways. By opening investor’s eyes to those behavioral dynamics, Mindful Money can help us all overcome the ‘brain wiring’ that frequently sabotages our best laid financial plans”

— Jon Picoult, Founder and Principal, Watermark consulting
“It’s behavioral finance explained in a manner that most people will understand. In a world where our eyes and ears are glued to CNBC or Bloomberg—a continual source of overwhelming information to the point where good decisions are no longer made—Mindful Money does an excellent job framing what the real issues are with building wealth. It’s simple to understand and it’s easy once you get it—and this book tells you how to do it.”

— Ben James, CFA, CFP(R), Portfolio Manager & Investment Analyst, Elevate Wealth Advisors
“Craig Verdi has written an easy-to-understand guide to financial success. His message is clear: Turn off the news, turn down your brain. As he says, investing is a project for decades, not days.”

— Bill Buckner, former Major League Baseball player
“This book addresses very well the needs of two types of investor: For the new investor, the author draws from over 30 years of his own experience and the wisdom of other well-known investors. Craig points us to the fundamental problem we all face in starting our financial journey: finding a fiduciary advisor and then getting out of our own way. For experienced/successful investors, this book lends comfort to experienced investors (including me) who have followed the basic advice of the author and made money in the process.”

— Steven D. Maurer, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Management, Old Dominion University
“Take some time to read Craig’s valuable insights and see the how his direction and advice may help you achieve every one of your financial dreams...and then share it with your friends and family who you value the most. I’m confident they’ll thank you many times over!”

— Edward A. Bondy, ETF Consultant, Founder & CEO of Aviara Wealth Advisors, FINRA Series 7, 24, 63, 65