I am now a climate denier/doubter

Bill Gates gave me permission

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”

Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds 1848

How dare you?': Greta Thunberg rips into world leaders over climate  inaction | SBS News

I am a climate doubter, and sometimes a denier of the crazier predictions. Even Carbon Dioxide being a culprit is a theory. A theory. No one could prove it was before a jury, beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is a cult whose doctrinal road to salvation is saving everyone from everything that is scary.

This is life or death for the overly nervous. Their ultimate leader, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.) started the whole global warming thing in 1988. They are considered the end of discussion source for climate change enthusiasts. We now have a cult of millions of terrified, shrill, angry, misinformed people who believe we are locked in a burning building. Who wouldn’t be afraid of that? What is the proof? The proof is that they, media, activists and politicians are still selling it.

Michael Shellenberger recently wrote an article for UNherd, “Climate change is no catastrophe. attempts to stop warming will backfire dangerously.”Most comments are positive in this right leaning publication, but he triggered quite a few of those with the glazed eyes and bits of dried foam on their mouths. His substack is Public News. Highly recommended.link below.


They have been loudly screaming “We are all going to die” for 35 years, that the earth is getting ruined, that we have too many people, and taunting people who have or want to have kids. This is is far beyond what has been said by the IPPC, again, it has taken on a life of its own. We will see that underpopulation is the main threat we face over the next few decades. Yet they will rage. And they rage when by all measures, humans have had it better and better as we go along, in terms of live births, access to medicine, water, and food. We are also much less likely to die from climate disasters. (See Shellenberger article.)

These “activists,” spouting any stupid theory they see as fact, have harmed our young people, or destroyed their lives. Many suicides are linked to climate fear. There is no one at school to help explain facts, or an alternate view. The teachers don’t have the remedy for calming the kids due to lack of knowledge. Can you imagine a country that is so controlled by government and media that you can’t find alternative ideas? Welcome to USA under the left. Google is rigged against most American values. The teachers usually go along with what the majority says. Those that don’t are true heroes these days.

Last week Bill Gates said,There’s a lot of climate exaggeration,” “The climate is not the end of the planet. So the planet is going to be fine.”

Prince William is saying we will be okay also. But in his delusional world he says it is because of the work we have done so far, even though CO2 levels continue to rise. CO2 as the culprit is not proven. Did I say it was a theory? The work we have done so far has not stopped anything or reduced the trajectory of IPCC targets.

The IPPC meanwhile has set the dates of disaster to be farther out than almost anyone is saying, some so far out most of us will be gone. Even the grandkids in some cases. Buried deep within the 2023 report of the IPCC is the chart below. Remember, the IPCC, set up in 1988 is the only voice of consensus for climate change fans. It still has that status. They are the final authority. Without them, we would have no panic. And after you see the chart we shouldn’t panic with IPCC info. The media and activists make it way worse than the than the facts allow. The chart below gives the current assessments as to the timeline of climate disasters. In other words, when do we have to worry about it? Please take some time with this chart. It is truly an eye opener!

This chart is from The Honest Broker Substack by Roger Pielke Jr. His substack is called The Honest Broker because he is seen as an honest source of information to both sides of the debate. The chart was part of the annual report (2023.) Please give him a visit. Pay attention to the white areas. Those are problems we don’t have and are not predicted to happen, even 50-100 years out.

Eye opening. Please pass it on to your climate fearful friends. It probably won’t help them. Cultist when confronted with indisputable truth, double down. The IPCC says there are many things that won’t happen in excess at all, like heavy rains, fire weather, coastal floods, river floods or increased wind and more.

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This is certainly an investment issue

Solar and Wind is a fantasy. The math doesn’t work. Nuclear could work, but the same pearl-clutchers that think this is the end of the world also hate nuclear. We will always need oil. Janet Yellen is proposing that we make it much harder for banks to lend money to oil and gas producers. Biden is trying to kill gas stoves, which are outlawed in 19 major cities. These moves will drive oil and gas prices to go higher and higher. The left treats oil and gas companies, (you know, the ones that provide everything we have had in the past and currently and into the future) like criminals.

We need to re-evaluate our obsession with having 5% of our nation rule over 95% by yelling and screaming more.

What is the one big fossil fuel company you should own? Paid subscribers only.

I have been reluctant to go here, i.e., to write about climate change. What does it have to do with investing? It has everything to do with investing! We have spent a lot of money on dead ends that could be used to pay debt or be a help to our citizens. I am still recommending oil stocks. I believe some small players may be driven out and the huge companies will clean up. I think it will be a great investment for the foreseeable future. If you have the right companies.

Last week Bill Gates said, “There’s a lot of climate exaggeration,” “The climate is not the end of the planet. So the planet is going to be fine.” That may give a lot of people the courage to say the same. I see this as a small crack in the whole foundation of the Climate change nonsense. Little by little people are calling BS on this new religion.

Next time. The 2 arguments that will, should, won’t stop a screaming climate activist. Cultists don’t care about the facts. They care about the movement. The new religion they have joined.

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