Craig’s Trip to Montana

Some pics from my trip to Livingston Montana. We were there for 5 weeks. Thanks to John and Mary and everyone who made it possible for me to get away on my 30th anniversary of being in business.

My first visitor was Wade Thomas who taught me the basics of drift boat handling. We had some great floats and memorable moments. See picture of boat all by itself in river after we lost it while tipping it up to drain water. Note to self: attach winch line. We had a great time and met some interesting local characters.

Next to visit was my good friend and College buddy, Jerry Pastore from Pullman. Jerry got to do some drifts, the weather was great and we had a good time mingling with the locals also. Jerry caught a 21 inch Brown Trout on his last float.

My son Chris visited next. He flew into Bozeman and I was really glad to see him. He did well at rowing on the Yellowstone for his first time. We also got a chance to get out and hunt some Sharptails and huns. His upland bird hunting career consists of one shot and one Sharptail Grouse. I was very glad he was able to join me. We had some epic ping pong matches, in which he prevailed, but not with the ease he thought. The old man won a few matches.

Then my uncle and long time hunting and fishing companion Mondo Verdi showed up to spend a few days and ride home with me. We had a great time out on the prairie, hunting birds and finding some huge fish in small streams. Some of them you could jump across. We too home ten fish, which is the limit. Caught several over 20 inches in the small streams. As much as I loved the Yellowstone the fishing was pretty slow compared to the creeks

The size and vastness of the prairie amazed me, and I am from Idaho. You could spend a lifetime in Idaho and Montana and never run out of country to see. We are truly blessed to live in the western U.S.

Thanks to Paul and Molly Waldum for renting out there house to me and being such good hosts. He grew up in that house and it is a very cozy home away from home.

I hope to get back there and have some of you join me.