Why Social Security is always “going broke.”

Social Security has been “going broke” for as long as I can remember. I think politics is behind it. Each side likes to claim the other side is messing with it. But the Democrats have a long reigning history of claiming Republicans want to cut your social security. We should work to make it smarter. Quit giving money away, and use sober calculations when talking about it and quit sowing fear. The “Crabby Cadaver”* uses fear and lies about SS every time he gives a speech, and just makes up lies about this or that person trying to steal old people’s money.

Biden escalates fight over Social Security and Medicare, frustrating Republicans https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2024-election/biden-escalates-fight-social-security-medicare-frustrating-republicans-rcna70104

There are articles like this going back 70 or 80 years with the same scare tactics.

My advice, but they haven’t asked yet

The first step,which is crucial, is to guarantee everyone 59 and over that not one iota of their Social Security will change! Once we have them calmed down, we now proceed to add a few months to the 58 year old to collect. A few more for the 57 year old, etc. By the time we get down to the 25-35 years olds, the age 75 is not going to shock them. They are already convinced it will be gone, or don’t count on it at all as far as I can see. This is what we must do.

However, as soon as you bring up increasing ages for eligibility, the outrage, OUTRAGE! I tell ya, starts from the politicians pandering to the elderly. This is why grandfathering everything in for 59 and above is so important.

I can’t believe I just learned this

An old friend called me a couple of weeks ago and said she had a Social Security check for 3,600 when her usual was $1200 and didn’t know why. I said I didn’t either, let me figure it out. I found the answer quickly but for some reason had not remembered this or never knew it.

One man can generate over $19,000 (or more) per month in Social Security! How?

If a man is 78 and got married 2 years ago to his 5th wife, and had been married to 4 other women for 10 years or more, let’s say;

-He married his College Sweetheart at 23. Ended at 34.

-Married his next wife at 36 divorced at 46.  Married at 50-divorced at 61.  Married at 64 divorced at 75.

-Married his last dream girl at 77. Died 16 months later at 78.

-What happens with his $3,612.00 monthly Social Security payment?

  1. His current wife, since she was with him for over 10 months gets his $3,612 a month Social Security check.
  2. His 4th wife has a $3,612 check show up in her mailbox.
  3. His third wife comes home from vacation, finds 2 checks stacked up for $7,224.
  4. Second wife gets $3,612.
  5. What do you think his first wife gets? Correct. $3,612.00

All told, taxpayers are paying out $18,060 per month for this one dead guy. Did you have any idea how nice our government is to people? It does not matter if an ex is worth 200 million dollars or $50,000 dollars. That is $216,720 per year paid out on one guy. How many millions of ex-spouses are out there collecting on this? It does not matter if they are worth $200 million, they get it. This is where we need means testing (paying only to those who need it.) There is no way we should hand out money to multi- millionaires.

If you want to email your congressperson to tell them how they could be a hero by means testing multiple social security recipients from someone they married 40 years ago, go here to the “Find representative” website: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative#:~:text=There%20are%20several%20correct%20forms,Honorable%22%20and%20%22Representative%22.

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