Wisdom from the Greats: Peter Lynch

April 17, 201

From 1977 to 1990 Fidelity Investment‘s Magellan Fund averaged a 29.2% per year!  This was during the time Peter Lynch managed the fund.  That record has never been matched.  He is considered one of the most successful stock market investors of all time. His style highlights the importance of research and patience.  He believes controlling your thoughts when making investment decisions is the key to success.

If you had $100,000 invested at the beginning of his tenure, you would have $2,800,000 by the time he left 13 years later! 

I have reread his book One up on Wall Street about every 3 years for the last 25 plus years.  He has had more influence on my thinking than anyone other than perhaps Warren Buffett.  I consider those two the “twin towers of investing”.  I would recommend that everyone get on line and order a copy!

He believes great stocks are found many times at a casual visit to the grocery store or mall.  When you see a company and think “that’s really cool” take note!

Not only is there wisdom in the book, but Lynch is very witty, and it is a fun read.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from Peter Lynch:

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